Tuesday, 20 October 2009

2nd Month

My Second month has been a wonderful time. I have started becoming more aware of the happenings around me. World looks more beautiful and colorful. I am more alert and can recognize ma and follow her. Sometimes I do that with papa and doddamma, as well.

Ramesh Mama's arrival
During my 10th week, my Ramesh mama(ma's brother) and Satya atte(his wife) came to see me from Bangalore, India. I was eagerly waiting for their arrival. I was pampered by mama and atte. Mama was overjoyed to see me, (I would here him often on skype) and so was I. Ma was scared that I would be spoilt while they were with us, and it became true that I was literally spoilt. I got lot of clothes from them. Ma liked a lot of them.

First day after they arrived, we went around Norwich city center. Next day we went to Wroxham, where I enjoyed the boat ride and the riverside walk. While they were busy going to London and Cambridge, I was going through my daily routine. The time mama had come to Norwich, it was the festival of Navaratri - a festival that goes on for 9 days and culminating with Vijaya dashami on the 10th day.

Anna Prashana
My dada and dadi had told papa that on the 8th day(ashtami) I was supposed to be formally introduced with Solid foods and it was the right of dadaji to do so. As dadaji was not here, anyone older than papa could have done this apart from my mama and atte. Papa requested Dave if he would do this and Dave happily obliged. I got the first taste of the kheer/pudding. Later, doddamma and papa also let me taste the kheer. I wanted mama & atte to do that but I guess everyone was busy in their own world talking and discussing matters that are too difficult for me to understand.

Ma put the anklets sent by Hema. She was looking for other ornaments gifted by mama, but she couldn't find them on time. So sad. :( I don't know if I would have enjoyed too many ornaments at that time, but it would have been good to be formally given by mama.

I had a couple of friends come as well. I particularly liked Austin, Steve's son, who is just 9 days older than me. Also, Aliza and Joshua were good to me. Ma, papa and I had a good photo session with doddamma, mama, and atte. I tried to give the best poses possible.

Dada dadi have sent me lots of clothes and dadi has sent me a sweater, cap and socks which she knit herself. It is very good.

The days with mama, quickly passed and the day they were supposed to leave, came running. I was not knowing what it would mean to miss someone. I missed all of them, specially doddamma, as she went back to India along with them. I was looking for her everywhere and waiting to hear her voice. Soon after they left I had a bad cold for a week and combined with the absence of 3 people, it was worse. Soon things started getting better.

I also had my 2nd set of immunisations around 12th week and slept for 2 hour continuously in the day(which I have hardly done so far). Ma took me to a post natal session where I enjoyed seeing many other friends of my age group. The place was colorful and lively.

Vijay Chacha
Vijay chacha came back to Norwich on work, and along with Vinayak chacha came to see me before he went to office. I enjoyed playing with him, though I was doubtful in the beginning.

Whitlingham Country park
During the weekend, I was taken to the Whitlingham Country park. I was sleeping most of the time, but when I woke up, I really loved the water and the autumn colors ma was trying to show me. I suppose papa clicked some good photographs of mine.

Paul & Tania
Paul and Auntie Tania came to see us. They could not make it to the tea party as Auntie Tania's colleague had contracted Swine flu. They got wonderful flowers and a nice dress to them. I was colicky and was not very comfortable the whole evening and gave a hard time. :( I will soon see Auntie Tania, once again and make up for the loss. :)

It was soon Deepavali time - Festival of lights. Initially, we were supposed to see Anu auntie but that did not materialise. I hope to see her soon, though. Ma and papa were trying to make it as vibrant as possible. Ma is fond of light and she ensured that the whole house was lit with candles. I found it amusing to look at the candles and the arrangement ma had made. On the Diwali day, I was 3 months old. So, I started getting to eat a tiny bit of banana as ma thinks that I am hungry all the time. :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Week 8

Life has been busy with lots of going around. I am learning a lot of things, as almost everything is new to me. As much as I am interested, my parents are also interested in converting these times into something special. Specially, ma uses her silly ideas to amuse me.

Suresh uncle, Joy auntie and Pranaya had come to visit us. I was sleeping after a lot crying, so I was not disturbed.

Later in the day, I was taken out to the riverside area of Norwich. It was windy and a little cold so I was covered completely. I slept through most of the walk though I took 5-10 minutes to explore the place.

Later that week, we celebrated Krishna Janmashtami according to Solar calendar. Doddamma took to prepare all the goodies that she had missed out preparing the previous time.

Some Photographs of this week:

Week 7

Week 7 started with intersting things. First of all, my parents colleague and friend Kathy visited us. It was nice to be sitting with her and Chris. She also taught ma a trick to wind me up. Ma has started doing that since then.

Later the same day, Gary and Emma came to see me, from Birmingham. It was sad that Valerie could not make it to Norwich. I had been waiting to see them from long time. I was almost asleep when they reached. Gary felt good holding me and remembered the things he did to Emma when she was as old as me.

Next day, Gary suggested we go out somewhere and as Emma liked we went to Banham Zoo. It was a good walk and first real outing for me and ma, as well. I was sleeping most of the time, but still it was good. Emma enjoyed holding me and I felt comfortable, too. All were mused that ma gave me bath in the bucket. And I am enjoying all the toys Gary has got me.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Week 6

Though this was a milestone in medical terms for ma, nothing quite exciting happened.

The sad thing was Nidhi chachi and Sourabh chacha left back to India. I suppose, I will not be able to meet them frequently specially the training Sourabh chacha gave to me. Sourabh chacha gave a party in Oasis, my second conscecutive lunch in the same restaurant

We celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi nicely. Dadi asked ma to prepare daal, baati and churma, a rajasthani dish and doddamma prepared some more sweets and savouries that are Ganesh's favorite.

Finally, we got time to get a family photo.

Ganesh Chathurthi Celebration

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Week 5- Me and My toys

Hello everyone..I am back. I have not been all well these days and I have been keeping everyone, specially ma on toes. I guess my digestive system is yet to develop well, and will happen so while I am 3 months old. Till then, good luck to myself and my parents.

I have started looking at people and recognizing. I can easily recognize my parents, doddamma and couple of uncle's and aunt's who come home to see me. I enjoy with them.

Over the weekend, when I was quite(not crying for a change), my parents showered me with all the colorful soft toys. I was overjoyed and wanted to taste them all. Every attempt of mine to taste them was troubled by ma. I finally got upset and showed my anger to them by making noises and finally crying.

It was also, my first outing to the city center! Ma forced pa to take us to get a nice cardigan exchanged. I was awake for sometime, but later I slept as I love the ride in my pram.

This week also was important as I had my first lunch in a restaurant. We all were invited by Nauni uncle for a party in Oasis. And guess what, everyone recognized me and wished me. It was the same place where we had party when I was in ma's tummy.

My dada and dadi like to talk to me everyday evening. I have forced them to change their dinner time to 9.00pm so that they can later talk to me. I have already started changing people's lives, for good! After that I am taken out for a walk/stroll. Slowly the walk time is increasing.

There was a festival and I was rewarded with good cash from ma and dadi. :) I have already started earning, you see!

Pa has started singing and showing rhymes to me. I quite like them sometimes. Ba Ba black sheep is my favorite for now.

Too many things for this week, isn't it? I am enjoying it and everyone around me. Some photographs of the week.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Krishna Janmashtami

Though I enjoyed doddamma cooking laddu's and chakkuli for Krishna Janmashtami, I was surprised when ma decided to dress me up as a little Krishna.

I was overwhelmed with the ornaments and started crying and spoiled all the enthu parents had about converting me into a Krishna. See how horrible I look with all those ornaments. I am sure I will not like it as I grow...

My First Raksha Bhandhan

Bua sent me a rakhi from Dubai. Papa made sure that I got the rakhi tied on my wrist though I was asleep in the morning. I got up early (I keep getting up every two hours, though) and dressed up for the occassion with the outfit given by Suresh uncle. Ma tied the rakhi in my hand. To everyone's surprise I had the rakhi on my wrist till next morning.
Evening, Sourabh chacha & Nidhi Chachi, Vinayak Chacha, Nauni uncle came home for Rakhi and I enjoyed being cuddled by them.

My First Outing

My parents took me out for a stroll outside our house in Norwich, and it was my first time in the pram, too! It was very sunny and I closed my eyes as soon as I was taken out. I enjoyed the ride, and actually slept through it.

My First Bath

When my mother tried to massage me for the first, I was too frightened with the cold air tickling me. It took some days to get adjusted to the massage. But I just love the bath. I like it all the more when ma helps me semi swim in the bath. I fall asleep as I enjoy the bath, so ma ensures that she doesn't bathe me for more than 10 minutes.

papa got me this ergonomic stand so that I could enjoy my bath more and give more flexibility to ma.

My Bath tub

My first oil massage

My First Tika

Being Weighed!

This is how I was weighed once at home when I was two weeks old... Ma, thought that it was cute!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Bookmark

It has been wonderful to have Anu and Brinda Anunty from London. I really enjoyed being with them and impressed them by not crying when in their hands... They got me wonderful gifts and Anu Aunty gave me hand made bookmark with my name in it ...I really loved it ..Thank you soooo much ...I loved it :)

My first Postal letter :)

BCG vaccination information.. having on 17th September,09

Friday, 31 July 2009

2 weeks milestone !

It has been wondeful 2 weeks with Papa on leave and with me all the time. Here are few interesting happenings:
  • Aaron uncle came to see me at hospital and got mum some lovely flowers. I was too young to talk to him..anyways I will talk to him next time he comes home
  • Vinyak Patil uncle and Sachin More uncle came to see me :) I was awake and had talk with them, though from distance and both uncle were afraid to hold me ...am I so difficult to handle? Anyways next time when they will come I will make sure that they hold me and play with me
  • Sathiya uncle, Anu aunty and my little frined came to see me and got me gifts also. I have already worn all the sleeping suits they gave me and I love them. Thank you for lovely gifts
  • Nauni uncle got flowers and a little toy for me. He wears colorful turbans which were interesting.
  • Sourabh uncle and Nidhi Aunty got me a toy "kelideoscope" which has number of CDs and papa and mummy put the music when I start crying ...:) It was fun with Sourabh uncle. He was teaching me how to "patao girls" and you know what I did :) Yes I did on him and his glasses..I know next time sourabh uncle will think about teaching me wrong things...mummy mummy
  • As I awoke one day, I already had a surprise from Gary uncle, Valerie aunty and lovely Emma, though I am still waiting to meet them. They got me a lovely soft toy, my saving box and a wonderful shirt for future use and ofcourse a card. Waiting to meet them ASAP
  • Anu Aunty sent me a personalized card with my, mummy and papa name and we all loved it very much..waiting to meet Anu aunty on 8th August
  • Our neighbour, Jenny Aunty also came to see me but she did not stay long ..got me wonderful dress suite which I have already tried and it looks awsome
  • Sarah midwife aunty has been taking care of me and has been home couple of times. I love their presence and she loves indian tea :)

  • I met my health visitor, Kate aunty for first time. She talked to ma and papa and explained them when all I need to be examined and when I will get my teeka's.. let ma papa remember that till I happily enjoy !
  • I also met two english ladies though I do not know their name..:(
  • Vital uncle and Sri aunty came to see me and got me a woolen jacket..looking forward to wear it ..Sri aunty was holding me for a long time and I was nicely sleeping ...Vital uncle was afraid and I need to make him more comfortable next time
  • Suresh uncle, Joy aunty and cute pranaya (grown big as mummy described) came to see me got my bath stand..I used it today and just loved it.

I had my first outing in pram, though it was a stroll outside our home..and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was bit sunny and I closed my eyes too tightly...ma, papa and nani had photo session as well :)

It has been wonderful 2 weeks though I am bit colic which keeps me in pain in evening and makes me cry..I hope it goes off soon as all people around me also get stressed...

Enjoy few of my pics from 2 weeks:

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nanhe Munhe Bache tere Mutti me kya hai...?

My Link to the world....

My little feet.... (13 days old)

My little fist.... dare to come forward?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hello World !!

Hello everyone !! I am master Amogh, came into this world on 17th July,09 at 15:19. As ma and papa are both into sofware professionals (too much for me for now !), "Hello World" is the right thing to start learning about this world. For now, my ma and papa will pen for me till I know how to write better than them :) My ma wanted me to come before 19th July and see I made it though in some difficulties. But all is well that ends well :). Here is me ...