Friday, 31 July 2009

2 weeks milestone !

It has been wondeful 2 weeks with Papa on leave and with me all the time. Here are few interesting happenings:
  • Aaron uncle came to see me at hospital and got mum some lovely flowers. I was too young to talk to him..anyways I will talk to him next time he comes home
  • Vinyak Patil uncle and Sachin More uncle came to see me :) I was awake and had talk with them, though from distance and both uncle were afraid to hold me I so difficult to handle? Anyways next time when they will come I will make sure that they hold me and play with me
  • Sathiya uncle, Anu aunty and my little frined came to see me and got me gifts also. I have already worn all the sleeping suits they gave me and I love them. Thank you for lovely gifts
  • Nauni uncle got flowers and a little toy for me. He wears colorful turbans which were interesting.
  • Sourabh uncle and Nidhi Aunty got me a toy "kelideoscope" which has number of CDs and papa and mummy put the music when I start crying ...:) It was fun with Sourabh uncle. He was teaching me how to "patao girls" and you know what I did :) Yes I did on him and his glasses..I know next time sourabh uncle will think about teaching me wrong things...mummy mummy
  • As I awoke one day, I already had a surprise from Gary uncle, Valerie aunty and lovely Emma, though I am still waiting to meet them. They got me a lovely soft toy, my saving box and a wonderful shirt for future use and ofcourse a card. Waiting to meet them ASAP
  • Anu Aunty sent me a personalized card with my, mummy and papa name and we all loved it very much..waiting to meet Anu aunty on 8th August
  • Our neighbour, Jenny Aunty also came to see me but she did not stay long me wonderful dress suite which I have already tried and it looks awsome
  • Sarah midwife aunty has been taking care of me and has been home couple of times. I love their presence and she loves indian tea :)

  • I met my health visitor, Kate aunty for first time. She talked to ma and papa and explained them when all I need to be examined and when I will get my teeka's.. let ma papa remember that till I happily enjoy !
  • I also met two english ladies though I do not know their name..:(
  • Vital uncle and Sri aunty came to see me and got me a woolen jacket..looking forward to wear it ..Sri aunty was holding me for a long time and I was nicely sleeping ...Vital uncle was afraid and I need to make him more comfortable next time
  • Suresh uncle, Joy aunty and cute pranaya (grown big as mummy described) came to see me got my bath stand..I used it today and just loved it.

I had my first outing in pram, though it was a stroll outside our home..and I enjoyed every moment of it. It was bit sunny and I closed my eyes too, papa and nani had photo session as well :)

It has been wonderful 2 weeks though I am bit colic which keeps me in pain in evening and makes me cry..I hope it goes off soon as all people around me also get stressed...

Enjoy few of my pics from 2 weeks:

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nanhe Munhe Bache tere Mutti me kya hai...?

My Link to the world....

My little feet.... (13 days old)

My little fist.... dare to come forward?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hello World !!

Hello everyone !! I am master Amogh, came into this world on 17th July,09 at 15:19. As ma and papa are both into sofware professionals (too much for me for now !), "Hello World" is the right thing to start learning about this world. For now, my ma and papa will pen for me till I know how to write better than them :) My ma wanted me to come before 19th July and see I made it though in some difficulties. But all is well that ends well :). Here is me ...