Friday, 18 November 2016

Halloween Experience

This Halloween I was coming from my guitar class. I knocked on Ryker's door, expecting him to open the door but he was not there. So my mum dressed me and she told me that I was going to knock on some people's door. And so we went up the hill but we bumped into Ryker. He said he was there to see if I was coming.

It was the biggest miracle in my life ! So, my mum went home and I went with Ryker to where his mum was. We went all the  way to co-op super store. After that we went down a lane. Well that was a very confusing because it led to another lane. Then finally we reached some where near Shreya's house. On the way home, we saw two motorbikes in the little park which I think is illegal. While Ryker's mum phone the police, me and Ryker went to my house.

The end

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Diwali 2016

This post is written by Amogh himself !

Today and yesterday is Diwali !!!!!!!!

Yesterday a few of my friends came to my house. First, my dad lit a few rockets which scared me half deaf! Next all my friends lit a few fountains while I sat down. Then my mum said, I have to light a fountain. So I went to light a fountain. I lit the fountain with fear but it was a very good one !

Me making Rangoli

Me lighting deepa

Pooja time

We all had good time

My friends (left to right) - Gauri, Meera, Shreya and me