Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let me do it !

I am a grown up boy now and so I want to do everything of my own. I think I pretty much know what needs to be done and so I can manage myself now.

- I can pretend to talk to my friends over phone
- I can tidy up things ( though I hate to do it )
- I know how to switch off TV especially when I do not get attention
- I love driving my cycle in reverse gear :)
- I have my own microwave which starts by turning on the washing machine button and it is virtual between the table shelf
- I know when internet goes and I can call internet and ask him to come back :)
- I know cooking and pretty mcuh can make curry from anything :)
- I know different cars and can recognise our car from all the other MEGANE cars
- I play on tablet and do my drawings without anyone telling me

More to come ! Enjoy my independence !