Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My few well known sentences

I have started speaking a lot and keep every one guessing around what I mean :) Here are some sample for you all:

  • Amogh careful not funny
  • Amogh shaale poodu nahi (Amogh do not want to go to school)
  • Naughty messy papa
  • Leave it this one there (Leave this one there for him)
  • Amogh ille poodu saale (Amogh will go to school home)
  • Adit coming school mai (Adit coming to school)
  • Amogh ke saturday school mai
  • No way amma (No way Mumy)
  • No there room (its there in the room)
  • Amogh papa muddu (Amogh will give papa kiss)
  • Get out (if I have to say go away or move etc.)
  • oh no man (even for ladies)
  • Amogh heater band (Amogh will switch off heater)
  • Amogh dooda paas sleep (Amogh will sleep near grand ma)
  • No cream wanted (do not want to apply cream)
  • Moore cream no (Do not want cream on face)
  • Amogh wanted no (Amogh do not want it)
  • Saari books iii (All books have pain)
  • Saatai (Satya Aate)
  • Amogh kai racing ( Amogh wants racing car)
  • No wanted books (Amogh do not want books)
  • Lapas (in Hindi vapas meaning again)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Trip to Norwich

It was great to see my blog reviving again. We have been to Norwich for Chinu's birthday. Do not know Chinu? Aare its Avni, Sourabh chacha's daugher. I was really excited to go there and meet her as I have been watching her photos from their last trip to Milton Keynes. I was also excitied to see my place of birth and was looking forward to Oasis party to meet new friends and see the place where ma papa gave party before I even arrived :)

Anyways I really enjoyed in Norwich with lots of pamper from Chacha and Nidhi Chachi and later in the party from lots of new friends. I really enjoyed playing with all new friends and they took great care of me. I also met Kathy Aunty and Paul and Tania Aunty and Steve uncle plus lots of people I do not even remember now. Below are some pics from the party:

I wore shirt and tie in Vijay's Macha style and enjoyed a lot with him. I always enjoy travelling and train journeys are my favourite. I can hardly stay at one place while travelling and want to talk to everyone in the train.

I am becoming naughty now a days and also learnt how to get angry if I am not allowed to do the way I want. But I think like any other kid I need to listen to ma papa more often than I want to :)

More later about my experience in MK and trip to Swindon !