Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Week 5- Me and My toys

Hello everyone..I am back. I have not been all well these days and I have been keeping everyone, specially ma on toes. I guess my digestive system is yet to develop well, and will happen so while I am 3 months old. Till then, good luck to myself and my parents.

I have started looking at people and recognizing. I can easily recognize my parents, doddamma and couple of uncle's and aunt's who come home to see me. I enjoy with them.

Over the weekend, when I was quite(not crying for a change), my parents showered me with all the colorful soft toys. I was overjoyed and wanted to taste them all. Every attempt of mine to taste them was troubled by ma. I finally got upset and showed my anger to them by making noises and finally crying.

It was also, my first outing to the city center! Ma forced pa to take us to get a nice cardigan exchanged. I was awake for sometime, but later I slept as I love the ride in my pram.

This week also was important as I had my first lunch in a restaurant. We all were invited by Nauni uncle for a party in Oasis. And guess what, everyone recognized me and wished me. It was the same place where we had party when I was in ma's tummy.

My dada and dadi like to talk to me everyday evening. I have forced them to change their dinner time to 9.00pm so that they can later talk to me. I have already started changing people's lives, for good! After that I am taken out for a walk/stroll. Slowly the walk time is increasing.

There was a festival and I was rewarded with good cash from ma and dadi. :) I have already started earning, you see!

Pa has started singing and showing rhymes to me. I quite like them sometimes. Ba Ba black sheep is my favorite for now.

Too many things for this week, isn't it? I am enjoying it and everyone around me. Some photographs of the week.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Krishna Janmashtami

Though I enjoyed doddamma cooking laddu's and chakkuli for Krishna Janmashtami, I was surprised when ma decided to dress me up as a little Krishna.

I was overwhelmed with the ornaments and started crying and spoiled all the enthu parents had about converting me into a Krishna. See how horrible I look with all those ornaments. I am sure I will not like it as I grow...

My First Raksha Bhandhan

Bua sent me a rakhi from Dubai. Papa made sure that I got the rakhi tied on my wrist though I was asleep in the morning. I got up early (I keep getting up every two hours, though) and dressed up for the occassion with the outfit given by Suresh uncle. Ma tied the rakhi in my hand. To everyone's surprise I had the rakhi on my wrist till next morning.
Evening, Sourabh chacha & Nidhi Chachi, Vinayak Chacha, Nauni uncle came home for Rakhi and I enjoyed being cuddled by them.

My First Outing

My parents took me out for a stroll outside our house in Norwich, and it was my first time in the pram, too! It was very sunny and I closed my eyes as soon as I was taken out. I enjoyed the ride, and actually slept through it.

My First Bath

When my mother tried to massage me for the first, I was too frightened with the cold air tickling me. It took some days to get adjusted to the massage. But I just love the bath. I like it all the more when ma helps me semi swim in the bath. I fall asleep as I enjoy the bath, so ma ensures that she doesn't bathe me for more than 10 minutes.

papa got me this ergonomic stand so that I could enjoy my bath more and give more flexibility to ma.

My Bath tub

My first oil massage

My First Tika

Being Weighed!

This is how I was weighed once at home when I was two weeks old... Ma, thought that it was cute!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Bookmark

It has been wonderful to have Anu and Brinda Anunty from London. I really enjoyed being with them and impressed them by not crying when in their hands... They got me wonderful gifts and Anu Aunty gave me hand made bookmark with my name in it ...I really loved it ..Thank you soooo much ...I loved it :)

My first Postal letter :)

BCG vaccination information.. having on 17th September,09