Thursday, 4 November 2010

15th Month

I now confidently walk, actually run and sometimes fly in the air due to my speed. J Ma says that at times I have my legs in the air for a fraction of a second. I get very excited about walking, you see. I enjoy playing at nursery and have made friends with many. Whoever comes to pick me or drop me gets a warm greeting from my friends. I have got used to dada/dadi dropping me to the nursery. I give them a hi-five and wave them good bye after which they leave. But I won’t do this with ma or papa. If they come do drop me, I feel bad and always cry, especially when ma drops me, I can’t hold back my tears. It is extremely good when ma or papa picks me up though.

Navaratri was good. Everyday, there would be aarti and I enjoyed being a part of it.
Dada dadi are now going to go back, I guess. I sense something happening around me and the packing and talking have changed. Dada/dadi are going to see bua and then go to Jodhpur for Deepavali.

Ma, papa and I went to South-end-on-sea for the weekend and we had a good time. I enjoyed my first rides in the Adventure Island. That was really good. I liked just walking around the adventure park as it was so colourful, moving and having lots of kids around. I loved it. It was short trip though.

I felt very bad when they left. It has started getting dark early and with signs of me and ma at home for a long time till papa returned made me really scary. I just cringed to ma all the time till papa came home. He started work the same week as dada/dadi left and his first week was loooong, really long. Finally, doddamma came to my rescue. Everyone thought that I would not remember her. I thought, too. After she entered the house, I felt something familiar about her and in five minutes I was thinking that I knew her. It took just one night to get close to her to everyone’s surprise.

Now, I don’t like to go to the nursery. I have started playing around when ma had to take me to the nursery. I enjoy the place once left, but before I go, I make a lot of ruckus to avoid going to nursery.

I am so looking forward to having deepavali. Ma and papa had their former colleagues come home during the weekend. It was good as the house was full with kids and uncles and aunties. I was baffled but soon gained composure and started playing with them.

I have become confident flyer and like to fly (walk as I call it) everywhere. Ma enjoys autumn and she ensures I enjoy it, too. I just like the noise of the dry leaves in the park. It is sooo nice though my shoes get dirty. I have made friends with the squirrels, ducks and many birds in the park, too.

Doddamma has taught me to say how a tiger makes noise. Doddamma has bought me a tiger mask and I recognise it, easily. I have become a big boy now and I can recognise so many things, understand what ma and papa say. Ma thinks I can understand 3 languages easily. I’m not sure what it means though.

I like to see ma’s purse and count for changes. I know where she keeps all her change and I have learnt to take them out. She’s now become smart and keeps the change inside her purse. Nevertheless, I carry her purse and go around, even though it is a little heavy for me.
I love to walk in the park, on the road or in the city centre. People trick me to walk for 10 minutes and then put me back to buggy because I wander around one place when free and ma papa think that they have lots to do.

Deepavali has come and I am enjoying the lights inside the house and the sparklers. Plus a lot of eateries ma has cooked for the festival. I am in new dresses and enjoying going out with ma and doddamma and sometimes papa.

14th Month

I have now started liking to walk. I take few baby steps and fall off. Everyone at home encourages me to walk. The other day, I walked for long holding ma’s hands towards park. I am becoming a confident young man, you see!

As usual, my life has been busy adjusting to dada dadi and going around London every weekend. Along with the travelling, I get to see new places and talk to people on train or anywhere. The weekend travel does tire me a lot.

I got my first molar and due to that I was very ill for two weeks. When I was about to recover, I started getting another one. I keep biting ma really hard. I had fever for few days and one day was rushed to emergency due to very high temperature. Ma and papa panicked when they learned that I had 41 degrees temperature. It was finally down to ear infection and I recovered in two weeks.

Good thing was papa was home for almost a month and that gave me nice time to bond with him. Ma was also having good time taking time off whenever I needed and working from home.
I am becoming too naughty, everyone says. I nod my head for everything I don’t want and point to everything I want. I get pampered by dada and dadi. Dadi gives me chocolate and namkeen mixtures which I like a lot. Everyone hides all savoury stuff from me because I remember where they are kept and point them to that location, whenever I remember or see it.

I feed the ducks and birds in the park, and enjoy going to park. Ma and papa do take me out most of the days. I sometimes get to swing and sometimes not. I know the location of swings and ducks and direct me to take to those places.

I forgot to tell you that I was dressed as little Krishna at the Mahalakshmi temple, East Ham. See it to believe it: