Friday, 18 November 2016

Halloween Experience

This Halloween I was coming from my guitar class. I knocked on Ryker's door, expecting him to open the door but he was not there. So my mum dressed me and she told me that I was going to knock on some people's door. And so we went up the hill but we bumped into Ryker. He said he was there to see if I was coming.

It was the biggest miracle in my life ! So, my mum went home and I went with Ryker to where his mum was. We went all the  way to co-op super store. After that we went down a lane. Well that was a very confusing because it led to another lane. Then finally we reached some where near Shreya's house. On the way home, we saw two motorbikes in the little park which I think is illegal. While Ryker's mum phone the police, me and Ryker went to my house.

The end