Wednesday, 25 August 2010

10-13th Month

All blame goes to Ma for not writing about me. I have been very busy. Papa went to India leaving me, ma and doddamma in London. Though I missed papa initially, later I forgot and started enjoying with doddamma and ma. I also started going to the nursery once/twice a week, in preparation to welcome dada/dadi.

It was very difficult initially to adjust in the nursery because I would be there only for a short while. It was an all new experience. I didn’t like being away from doddamma, at all. She would play with me, sing to me and take me to park for hours. I missed all that. But, once I started going regularly in July (sometime before my first birthday), I started liking the place. I have new friends now and I like Lindsay who takes care of me.

10th Month
Though, I have been busy adjusting to London, Ma working and Papa in Norwich, it has been good too. I like going to the park and swinging for hours. Ma and doddamma took me for long walks, busy and colourful Ilford streets, fruits everywhere etc have been very interesting. I have been making serious efforts to stand on my own. I like to crawl as fast as possible and outpace ma or anyone for that matter. I like to play hide n seek in different rooms. Steve uncle bought me a nice toy and I liked it very much. I cut one more teeth below.

11th Month
Off! The heat has been crazy. I got rashes all over and was itching. I cut one more teeth have now got 4 of them. Teething is really hard work giving hard time to everyone including myself. Then, papa came along with dada/dadi. It took some time for me to understand what was happening. Though I recognized papa after a month’s time, I took some time to get close to him. Days were busy with doddamma getting ready to back and dada/dadi adjusting to new place and on top of it, myself adjusting to all these changes. Ma took me and doddamma out for a couple of places before doddamma was due to go back. I liked the Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden area. They were so lovely. I like to talk to anyone who looks at me though I shy a bit, I must talk. Ma, ba, da, la, pa are all the words in my language which is growing by day. Isn’t it musical? ;)
I started going to fulltime nursery. But I liked papa being home, too. I finally stood up on my own and was so happy doing it again and again. I would stand up, fall and then turn and stand up again, going on in circles till I got tired. That was exciting! I uttered my first complex word – “Light”, I would say “ight” and point to the light. I would go on showing my new found intelligence, to all. ;)

12th month
Soon, I was going to complete 1 year. I am now a big boy! I have been changing quickly and trying to understand a lot. I have started saying yes no, by nodding my head. I point my finger like Ambedkar, to what I want and clearly indicating.
Doddamma got me a trike and I like to go on in it. It is my favourite thing now. My Birthday was celebrated nicely. Ma baked cakes and muffins. Though not many could come, the house was pretty full. Gary gifted me a cricket bat and ball. I like to hold the bat, but need some support to hold myself with bat. J I like the Noah’s ark with various animals making various sounds. I liked the party, though I started feeling a little sleepy then. Later, I slept for a while and replenished my energy store to play with everyone. Finally, when the day ended, I didn’t like them going home. We celebrated dada/dadi’s anniversary, then my birthday and then dadi’s birthday.

13th Month
We took dada/dadi to Tower Hill and Canary Wharf. It was wonderful. We have been going around somewhere or the other every week. Anu aunty came to see me and I liked to play with her all the time. I did the same thing when Sourach chacha, Nidhi chachi and Avni came. I initially liked having Avni around, but when I started realising that I had to share the limelight with her, I didn’t like it. L I should get in terms with it. I am working on it. I have started taking few steps occasionally. I like going out to the park everyday with ma/papa and dada/dadi. I like to play with the ball, walk holding ma’s hands and feeding ducks, birds and squirrels. I know what are ducks, birds, tiger (the little doggy on the fridge) and so many. I can now say remote, and duck easily. My favourite thing is to watch the flights fly and show it to everyone if they have missed watching it. Now, I know the way to the park and inform everyone to take me to the park in the evening. I can recognize our house, the way to park from various locations. I am very naughty at times and play with ma. I have learnt to fake cry and fool others to think that ma is troubling me.

Some photos