Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My few well known sentences

I have started speaking a lot and keep every one guessing around what I mean :) Here are some sample for you all:

  • Amogh careful not funny
  • Amogh shaale poodu nahi (Amogh do not want to go to school)
  • Naughty messy papa
  • Leave it this one there (Leave this one there for him)
  • Amogh ille poodu saale (Amogh will go to school home)
  • Adit coming school mai (Adit coming to school)
  • Amogh ke saturday school mai
  • No way amma (No way Mumy)
  • No there room (its there in the room)
  • Amogh papa muddu (Amogh will give papa kiss)
  • Get out (if I have to say go away or move etc.)
  • oh no man (even for ladies)
  • Amogh heater band (Amogh will switch off heater)
  • Amogh dooda paas sleep (Amogh will sleep near grand ma)
  • No cream wanted (do not want to apply cream)
  • Moore cream no (Do not want cream on face)
  • Amogh wanted no (Amogh do not want it)
  • Saari books iii (All books have pain)
  • Saatai (Satya Aate)
  • Amogh kai racing ( Amogh wants racing car)
  • No wanted books (Amogh do not want books)
  • Lapas (in Hindi vapas meaning again)

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